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Leverage Your Returns

Of course you know you can return a book at the i-Desk whenever the library is open.  But did you know:

  • Late reserve books accrue large fines fast. Fines are deliberately high ($2/hr for the first 5 hours, $5/hr after that) to incentivize return of items urgently needed by classmates.
  • You can return books anytime the library is not open in the outside Book Return bin (to the right of the Bass Ctr main entrance).
  • Books left in the Book Return overnight will count as being returned the night before.
  • You can return books from any campus library except Lane Medical Library. We will check them in and return them to their rightful home.

Time for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch becomes available Friday, and The Motley Fool is already wondering how many units will sell.  Good news for those who’ve waited in interminable lines at Apple stores in the past: the watch will be available at 12:01 AM tonight by web apt only. As the first big launch of a post-Jobs product, all eyes are on Apple to see if they still have their finger on the pulse of the American consumer.  If that finger is tapping, the watch, with it’s tapping mechanism, just may succeed.  Early reviews from Yahoo and NYT are positive, though The Times laments the steep learning curve and Yahoo notes it is “above all, a satisfying indulgence.” How many people will pay the hefty price tag for that indulgence?  Time will tell…

‘That’s Entertainment’, 1895

Celebrations are underway for the 120th anniversary of  the first movie shown to a paying audience — essentially the first movie theater. The Lumiere Brothers in 1895 exhibited the nascent motion picture in France and founded an industry. It is true that others preceded them in the development of film. For example, a short clip  made in 1888 by Louis Le Prince in England is generally considered the earliest surviving motion picture. But the Lumieres combined existing technologies and the first paying audience to give birth to the flick, as we know it. Legend has it that when an early Lumiere film of an oncoming train was first shown, people jumped out of their seats in terror. Ahh, the magic of cinema. An exhibition in the Grand Palais of Paris is marking the event.

News you can use

Check out WSJ’s Real Time Economics site which provides current economic insight and analysis on economic hot button issues. I was particularly intrigued by this title on the site, “It Took the Telephone 75 Years To Do What Angry Birds Did in 35 Days. But What Does That Mean?” Enjoy!


No time to read? Listen!

Still haven’t read Lean In? How about Crucial ConversationsThe Lexus and The Olive Tree, Ariana Huffington’s Thrive, or Think Like a Freak?  If you have more interest than time, consider listening instead. The GSB Library’s collection of books on disc includes these titles and more by renowned authors like Chip & Dan Heath, Clayton Christensen, Lou Dobbs, Malcom Gladwell, Daniel Goleman, and GSB alumni Seth Godin and Keith Ferazzi. 

Check out our browsing collection of audio books next to the iDesk in the Bass Center, or search for “audio books” in SearchWorks for details on all audio books in the Media Center collection on the lower level. Limit your search to Business Library for best results.

Energy Info Workshop – Mon. March 2nd

Need energy info? Want to visualize your data using GIS?
The GSB Library’s Industry Spotlight Series presents:
Energy Information 
Mon March 2nd
B312 RAIL Lab (3rd floor Bass Center, GSB Knight Management Center)
  • Industry and market research databases
    • S&P NetAdvantage
    • Business Monitor
    • Lux Research
    • GlobalData Power
  • Interdisciplinary energy-related databases
    • Scopus
    • Engineering Village
    • One Petro
  • Geographic information system (GIS) data to visualize energy research
Class team-taught by:
Emily Alschbach, Librarian, Stanford GSB Library
Stace Maples, Geospatial Manager, Branner Library
Hannah Winkler, Earth Sciences Librarian, Branner Library



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