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Energy Info Workshop – Mon. March 2nd

Need energy info? Want to visualize your data using GIS?
The GSB Library’s Industry Spotlight Series presents:
Energy Information 
Mon March 2nd
B312 RAIL Lab (3rd floor Bass Center, GSB Knight Management Center)
  • Industry and market research databases
    • S&P NetAdvantage
    • Business Monitor
    • Lux Research
    • GlobalData Power
  • Interdisciplinary energy-related databases
    • Scopus
    • Engineering Village
    • One Petro
  • Geographic information system (GIS) data to visualize energy research
Class team-taught by:
Emily Alschbach, Librarian, Stanford GSB Library
Stace Maples, Geospatial Manager, Branner Library
Hannah Winkler, Earth Sciences Librarian, Branner Library

Changing course

News  from New York: in a moment of historic irony, the $860 million Rockefeller Brothers Fund announced it will divest itself from fossil fuels. The family that became synonymous with the oil industry is making the decision to join the growing ‘divestment movement’ that now includes 180 institutions (including Stanford) and hundreds of wealthy individuals.  Aware of the complexities involved Stephen Heintz, President of the Fund, noted “We’re moving soberly, but with real commitment.”   Is John D rolling in his grave — or would he approve?

More Sustainability

The table in the entry atrium of the Library with books on sustainability is still there, in case you want some summertime reading. Among the books displayed is The Dragonfly Effect by GSB Prof Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith, and Social Change Any Time Every Where by Allyson Kapin and Amy Sample Ward. Any of these books may be charged out to anyone with borrowing privileges, so feel free to drop by the table and see if anything catches your eye.

Sustainability display

There is a new display table of books about sustainability and a sustainable future just inside the GSB Library entrance. The selection, based on an article by Kriss Deiglmeier, Executive Director of the Center for Social Innovation, includes titles such as The Human Face of Big Data, eds. Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt, Giving 2.0 by the GSB’s Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, Nature’s Future by Mark Tercek and Jonathan Adams, and The Locust and the Bee by Geoff Mulgan. Looking for summer reading? These books may all be checked out … so check it out!

Free data? Free data!

Looking for websites on a business topic or industry?  Consider the Library’s Business Web Sites  —  nearly 140 different sites on a fantastic range of topics. Coverage includes accounting, baseball, biotech, commodities, housing, international statistics, marketing, mutual funds, patents, private equity, real estate, supermarkets, video games and much more. All of these sites should have free information but, since Stanford is not paying for access, at some point you might run up against some restricted material. Of course at that point you might choose to purchase the data, if it suits you. But there is so much free information on industries and financial topics that you may be satisfied with what is readily available. And as always, if you are not finding what you need, just ask a librarian for help.

The non-rain in Spain

Spain is now experiencing drought conditions and as a consequence the olive crops are suffering. That means the olive oil that you might buy in your local super market is going to be more expensive.  The Economist reports that “over the past three months the price of extra virgin olive oil, the best-quality stuff, has risen by over 50%, to about $3,400 a tonne.”

Are you curious as to how much olive oil is imported? Check out the library subscription to the database UN Commodity Trade Statistics (remote access restrictions apply) to see import/export statistics.

Energy Info Session – GIS, Alt Energy & More!

Need research on the Energy sector? Want to visualize your info using GIS data?
Check out the GSB Library’s newest workshop:
Energy Information Session
Mon May 21st
**Branner Earth Science Library
Mitchell Bldg, 2nd floor, Teaching Corner

  • Industry and market research databases
  • Interdisciplinary energy-related databases
  • Geographic information system (GIS) data to visualize energy research

Class team-taught by Geospatial, Earth Sciences,  & Business Librarians.


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