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When seasons collide

We are now in that annual overlap of football and baseball seasons where scheduling your o-so-precious sports viewing time takes maximum attention and planning…or not.

If you want some statistics to go with your favorite sports viewing beverage and food, check out the GSB Library’s collection of business websites on sports.



If you have been vacationing on the moon perhaps for the last week or so then you aren’t aware that the World Cup soccer games have started!  This is a big deal…so much so that Goldman Sachs has published a 67 page report free on the web titled The World Cup and Economic 2014.

In the introduction to the report the authors state that they ” looked at the links between World Cup performance and equity markets and the ‘honeymoon bounce’ that follows the winners in the weeks after the final”.

Perhaps when all of this is over you’ll want to test out this “honeymoon bounce” theory by going to our library’ business websites and checking out in this instance the Financial Markets websites.

And finally a video from Credit Suisse speaking about spotlighting demographics of the participating countries.


Batter up!

On Monday the new baseball season began as it does every spring. Every major league team also renews itself with new players and sometimes even new stadiums.

Forbes magazine has compiled a report named MLB Team Values: The Business of Baseball because after all they don’t play for free, it’s a business. See how much your team is worth.

Top o’ the Tube

As you curl up this season in front of a roaring TV, you might be interested in the Top 10 programs of 2012. Nielsen has put out the list for your entertainment pleasure. Super Bowl won again (no surprise), even beating the Olympics.

Bye, Bye, Baby

Sorry to all you non-baseball fans for this post. I felt that I must blog on a baseball related topic this week since the SF Giants have won this year’s world series!

First of all I found a most appropriate book held in Green Library titled:

 The first fall classic: the Red Sox, the Giants, and the cast of players, pugs and politicos who reinvented the World Series in 1912 by Mike Vaccaro c2009

Also Forbes reports on the financial side of the World Series that the postseason can be a financial windfall for the participating teams but not when a plyoff series ends in a four game sweep!

Free data? Free data!

Looking for websites on a business topic or industry?  Consider the Library’s Business Web Sites  —  nearly 140 different sites on a fantastic range of topics. Coverage includes accounting, baseball, biotech, commodities, housing, international statistics, marketing, mutual funds, patents, private equity, real estate, supermarkets, video games and much more. All of these sites should have free information but, since Stanford is not paying for access, at some point you might run up against some restricted material. Of course at that point you might choose to purchase the data, if it suits you. But there is so much free information on industries and financial topics that you may be satisfied with what is readily available. And as always, if you are not finding what you need, just ask a librarian for help.

The Sporting life

As it is every year in September, we welcome in the football season and get ready to close out the regular baseball season. For those of you who are at all curious about the statistical side of these sporting activities along with other sport statistics, please check out our collection of Sports Industry websites.

Also if you’re interested in recent business related sports books check out these titles in our library:

There is an I in team: what elite athletes and coaches really know about high performance by Mark de Rond; Harvard Business Review Press, c2012. HD66.R6482012 Business Library-Main

It’s a whole new ballgame: how social media is changing sports by Jimmy Sanderson; Hampton Press, c2011. GV742.S262011 Business Library-Main



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