Our GSB Heritage

Beginning today, the Library will be posting featured “cameos” on past GSB faculty who made a lasting impact on the School, under the title  Our GSB Heritage. First up is George Leland “Lee” Bach (1915-1994), a seminal figure in the academic transformation of the GSB during the 1960s and 1970s. Bach is widely recognized as one of the driving spirits behind the evolution of the GSB in the wake of the famous Gordon-Howell report of the late ’50s (co-authored by the GSB’s James Howell.)  Bach’s influence was widely felt, not only at the GSB but across other institutions of American higher learning. “Words are inadequate to express the tremendous impact Lee Bach has had on management education throughout his entire career,” said former Dean Arjay Miller at the time of Bach’s retirement in 1983.  Not only an administrative force, Bach was also a master instructor, winning in 1979 the Walter J. Gores Award, Stanford University’s highest award for excellence in teaching.  Stay tuned for future cameos on the GSB Our History webpage.


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