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According to many the most recent Oscars were a box-office flop, critically panned for their lackluster performance and low ratings. But there is another dimension:  a growing gap between audiences and the Academy. This New York Times article  raises the spectre of elitism — that ‘mainstream’ Hollywood is being more and more narrowly represented in Academy voting.  As a result, award winners are increasingly not the public’s choice.  Is the deck being stacked against popular, high-grossing films?

Entrepreneur Info Workshop – Wed. Feb 18th

The GSB Library and the Terman Engineering Library are teaming up to hold another Entrepreneur Information Workshop for the Stanford Venture Studio!

The popular, interactive workshop covers entrepreneurial topics such as:
Industry Trends
SWOT Analysis
Business Landscape
Technical Development
Industry Standards

Join us on Wednesday, Feb 18th from 12-1pm in B312 RAIL Lab in the GSB Library (Bass Center).

Open to all students & Stanford community members.

*Learn more about the Venture Studio, an application-based collaboration space within the GSB’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.


The game is afoot!

A recent book written by Mary Pilon titled, The Monopolists: Obsession, Fury, and the Scandal Behind the World’s Favorite Board Game, talks about the origins of the famous board game, Monopoly. Most believe it was invented by a Pennsylvanian, Charles Yarrow but that’s not exactly true according to Ms. Pilon’s book. An interview with the author talks about what drew her to write this book and why the game has continued to be popular to this day.

If you were curious to research  the Toy and game industry, the database IBISWorld has a December 2014 industry report.

Beyond The Pond

What famous (pink-colored) financial newspaper recently included in its weekend edition stories on gastronomic architecture, Sri Lankan real estate, a Greek monument inspiring dramatists in Sydney, the formative years of Vincent Van Gogh, a safari camp in Chad, premium wine rankings and a survey of restaurants in Cape Town?   Why, the Financial Times, of course. It’s not all just about dollars and cents … I have found the weekend edition a great way to keep up with life across “the pond” — and local affairs as well.

What makes a great entrepreneur?

The other night I tuned in to an ep of Shark Tank just in time to see a shark give the thumbs down, saying “Right product, wrong people.”  She used her own judgment to make that call, but Genius Lessons: Inside the Mind of the Tech Innovator, the cover article in Feb 2015 issue of Entrepreneurship, explores a number of concepts about what makes a great entrepreneur. As you might guess, there’s no easy formula for success. In fact, “some of the traits that make you a great entrepreneur also work against you,” says The Founder Institute’s Adeo Ressi. One thing is clear: passion is a must. According to Valley historian Steve Blank, “You can teach Entrepreneurship, but only to the people who desperately want to learn it.”

Read the full article in hard copy in our Current Periodicals section, or here in Business Source Complete if you have a current Stanford SUNet ID.

Living in Limbic Limbo

Did you know that just being aware that you have an unread e-mail  message can reduce your IQ by up to 10 points?  That texting can be addictive?  That we store information in a different, less permanent part of our brains when we divide our attention?  A thought-provoking article in The Guardian sheds new light on the allure of multitasking: The part of our brain we need to stay on task is itself easily distracted, and actually rewards us for getting sidetracked.  But there is a price to pay for trading “the big rewards that come from sustained, focused effort” for such frequent empty rewards: not only are we not getting as much done, we are compromising our own well-being with metabolic costs, anxiety, and diminished decision skills.  I’d tell you more, but I just got a text…

Happy Holidays!

From all of us at the GSB Library, we wish you Happy Holidays and a prosperous new year!



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